Job Openings

Work: Knowledge Systems Design is always looking for talented, energetic people to join our team. Developing production knowledge bases requires both technical and people skills. The systems we build require personal interaction with clients to capture key business knowledge, as well as technical skills to implement and deliver production knowledge bases. If you enjoy the variety and challenges of solving real-life business problems we will involve you in projects that will test and develop your skills.

You will not be bored, our projects span industries such as television broadcast, semiconductor manufacturing, oil production, aerospace and transportation. We build knowledge bases that are embedded in critical business processes or on-line in real-time production applications.

You will work in small teams. Our experience has shown that the groups of two to six people with a contributing technical manager are the most effective way to deliver knowledge base applications.

Developing Knowledge Base Systems requrires close interaction with clients. Project work does require travel to customer sites.

Benefits: Knowledge Systems Design offers full medical and dental coverage for individuals and families as part of our benefit package.

We currently have personnel in Northern and Southern California and Colorado. We encourage telecommuting and supply the equipment and software to enable our personnel to work remotely.

If you believe you have the skills and drive to be a part of our team please contact us or send your resume to:

Knowledge Systems Design Inc.
Human Resources
13595 Quaker Hill Cross Road
Nevada City, CA 95959

Knowledge Systems Design is an equal opportunity employer. Qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment with out regard to race, religion, sex or national origin.