Company Overview

Knowledge Systems Design, Inc (KSD) was founded in 1992. For the past 17 years our focus has been delivering knowledge systems in business environments. We work with our clients to leverage their company knowledge and unlock value for their business.

Our experience has taught us the key elements necessary to deliver successful knowledge systems. This experience has been distilled into best practices that our consultants employ to implement knowledge systems for our customers. Our implementation best practices encompass performance metrics, task workflow, interfaces to existing business systems, and knowledge management processes. This holistic approach integrates knowledge systems into our customerís business, with necessary support to ensure long-term effectiveness.

We primarily work in small project teams with our customers. Our consultants have experience in a broad array of customer organizations including real-time control operations, customer support, finance, scheduling and logistics. Most of our consultants have over 10 years of system implementation experience.

The KSD approach to implementing knowledge systems has been developed and tested in a diverse set of industries. Our customers span a variety of industries including aerospace, process manufacturing, oil and gas, automotive, transportation, medical instruments, retail, and semiconductor. This diversity is a testament to the broad applicability of our best practices for corporate knowledge systems.

Our company stands ready to support your goals of delivering cost effective knowledge systems to add value to your operations, give us a call.