Case Studies

Call Center Case Study

Quality Service is a Competitive Advantage

The ability to deliver excellent service experiences is a key competitive advantage in the automotive industry. Repairing vehicles right the first time pays large dividends in reduced warranty costs and increased customer loyalty. To help ensure top quality service, Hyundai maintains a technical service call center giving their dealer network quick access to the company’s most experienced vehicle repair experts.

Call Center Knowledge Base

With the increased complexity in today’s vehicle’s electronics, safety and emissions systems not even experienced technicians can be familiar with every vehicle issue. To ensure the best vehicle diagnosis and repair knowledge is quickly available to the entire technical service call center staff, Hyundai selected the Kaidara Advisor Knowledge Management (KM) system. This web based system is a leading application for knowledge management and search within technical support environments. KSD was called in to help configure the Kaidara Advisor system and support its deployment within the technical service call center.

KSD worked with the Hyundai technical service organization to implement the KM system. Initial work was done to define new business workflows necessary to capture key new service knowledge and populate it into the KM system. These new business processes were critical for the long-term maintenance of the system. KSD worked with the Hyundai staff to define the proper access and user interface configurations to fit the Kaidara KM system into the existing Hyundai technical service organization.

Hyundai had significant amounts of legacy service knowledge in the form of technical service bulletins, service notes, and service manuals. KSD applied automated indexing processes to make this legacy information accessible through the KM system. This processing of the legacy knowledge allowed the KM system to be jump started with significant, useful knowledge from the beginning.

A common problem with KM search tools is lack of search precision. That is, too much irrelevant information is returned in response to a user query. KSD has found that this lack of precision is often the root cause of failure in deployed KM systems. Precise search is one of the strengths of the Kaidara Advisor application. To implement precision search, KSD worked with the Hyundai technical service experts to configure the domain model within the Kaidara application. This domain model configuration was iterated until the desired high precision search was achieved.

Faster Resolutions with Knowledge Base

Technicians in the Hyundai technical service call center work on the most difficult vehicle repair cases. Often times multiple calls between the dealer and call center technicians are needed to resolve a case. The number of calls to close a case is an important metric that Hyundai uses to measure the performance of the service call center. Fewer calls per case imply the correct information is being delivered to resolve cases faster. Hyundai’s calls-per-case metric has decreased by 15% since the deployment of the KM system.