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KSD is a consulting and systems integration firm focused on knowledge systems for business. By “knowledge systems” we mean integrated software systems that enhance a company’s operations by capturing and implementing high value knowledge. Our goal is to deliver economical, operational systems. This goal encompasses not only the software, but the business processes, metrics and training needed to maintain and enhance the long-term value of the knowledge system.

The element of “knowledge” is an important distinction between knowledge systems and other software applications. Working with clients to elicit, organize and deploy their high value knowledge is what KSD specializes in. Our experience has been distilled into best practices for various types of knowledge systems.

We deliver a variety of knowledge system applications to our customers. KSD maintains relationships with several of the leading knowledge tools vendors to stay abreast of their technology. We also track open source knowledge tools to apply them where appropriate.

Knowledge systems are being used in increasing numbers in business. A common question we receive is “where can a knowledge system make the most difference in my operations?” The following knowledge system types outline typical solutions that KSD delivers for customers.